Pembroke North, Wayne, PA

Project Scope of Work:
Spread footings, continuous wall footings, foundation walls, elevated two-way slab

OEP began this project by converting 96 spread footings ranging in size from 7’6” X 7’6” to 14’ X 14’ to grade 80 bar mats. This allowed rapid installation of the footing reinforcement by simply placing chairs and dropping in custom sized sheets at each location.

Next OEP converted 1,300 lf of continuous wall footing, dowels and 10’4” tall wall reinforcement to grade 80 bar mats. The installation entailed placing 20’ long continuous wall footing sheets and pre-bent footing to wall dowels. Next, two faces of wall bar mat sheets were stood in place by hand, resulting in quick and accurate reinforcement placement.

The net result was equivalent to 70 tons of custom made grade 80 bar mats and was installed four times faster than the 93 tons of grade 60 rebar that it replaced.

The second phase of the project was the use of grade 80 bar mats in 25,000 square feet of 1’8” thick elevated two-way concrete slab. The design was optimized to accurately place heavy areas of steel only where needed in the column strips, thus not oversteeling in the lighter reinforced middle strip zones. Also, at the request of the contractor, the bar mat sheets were configured so that they could be set without the use of a crane due to jobsite restrictions.

The concrete work on the slab was completed using 156 tons of grade 80 bar mats in lieu of 200 tons of grade 60 rebar in one quarter of the time.