Public-Private Partnerships (P3) combine private sector success, innovation and investment and apply it to infrastructure projects here in the U.S. and around the world. OEP’s bar mat design benefits are well-aligned with the goals of P3 Projects and continue to make an impact on the effort to rebuild America’s infrastructure.

Partnership (P3)
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Bar mats are an ideal solution for P3 projects. OEP’s national network can support Public-Private Partnerships throughout the U.S.

  • Bar mat steel strength is available up to grade 80.
  • OEP’s design conversions from grade 60 to grade 80 provide the same strength, yet reduce the amount of steel needed to reinforce the structure.
  • Bar mats install 200-300% faster than conventional rebar and requires less skilled labor.
  • Rapid installation reduces field labor, minimizes traffic interruption and compresses expensive construction schedules.
  • Bar mats require less freight and transportation due to less tonnage.
  • Far superior to hand-tied rebar intersections, bar mat joints are factory-welded by state-of-the-art, computer-controlled manufacturing equipment.
  • The quality and precision of prefabricated bar mats ease the inspection process. Perfect inspection scores are not unusual.
  • As manufacturers are located across the U.S., local manufacturing can support virtually any project location.
  • Projects are completed with greater precision, ahead of schedule, thereby reducing risk in the field.





Bar mats can be protected from corrosion by hot dip galvanizing, epoxy-coating and/or cathodically protecting the steel.

Galvanize Epoxy Bridge Deck

The success OEP has garnered in the private sector is evidenced by the caliber of organizations with whom we work.

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