Ortiz Applications Examples Tilt-Up Panels

The Applications are Limitless…

Bar mats can be used in most precast and cast-in-place concrete reinforcement applications. Their proven track record as a more efficient alternative to conventional rebar has made them, for many contractors, the solution of choice to help reduce costs and improve overall profitability.

Applications most suited for bar mats are generally large projects that are repetitive in geometry and reinforcement design. As projects with these characteristics lend themselves to prefabrication, the reinforcement steel can be more easily converted into prefabricated sheets. Converting a traditional design to high-strength, welded mats maximizes profitability.

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Ortiz Slab Construciton

Slab Construction

  • Commercial and industrial slabs on grade
  • One-way and two-way slabs - on grade and elevated
  • Two-way pile/column supported slabs

Foundation Construction

  • Column or spread footings
  • Foundation walls and foundation footings
  • Grade beams - primary beam reinforcement and stirrups cages
Ortiz Foundation Construction
Ortiz Wall Construction

Wall Construction

  • Cantilever retaining walls
  • Bearing walls, shear walls, blast walls
  • Tilt-up wall panels


  • Highway roads, barrier rails, sound wall barriers
  • Bridge beams, bridge decks - DOT approved
  • Airport runways and terminals
Marine Construction

Marine Construction

  • Pile jackets, wharf and pier restoration, dry dock
  • Water control
  • Spillways, dams, circular/rectangular tanks

Specialty Construction Applications

  • Correctional Institutions, parking structures
  • Water treatment plants, oxidation ditches
Specialty Construction Applications
Precast Concrete Applications

Precast Concrete Applications

  • Box culverts, tunnel formed systems
  • Containment structures, beams, slab/wall panels
  • Staircase risers