Ortiz Engineered Products specializes in the design, application and distribution of bar mats for concrete construction. As the U.S. industry leader, OEP’s design engineers convert conventional grade 60 rebar into grade 80 bar mats for a multitude of applications.

Ortiz Engineered Team Senior Leadership Blaine Rampulla, VP, Engineering Ken Dixon, Sr. Project Engineer Paula Leitner, Office Manager Renee J. Baran, M.Ed.
Director of Marketing Susan Driscoll, Project Engineer Tom Plowright, PE, Sales Engineer John Ortiz, PE, President

Senior Leadership

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John Ortiz, PE, President

The Founder and President of Ortiz Engineered Products, Inc. is a proud graduate of Drexel University and holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering. At the start of his career in the 1980’s, John was a design engineer for consulting firms in the Philadelphia area. During this time, he was asked to design a factory for Structural Reinforcement Products, Inc. (SRP).

While the bar mat industry had been established after WWII in Europe, it was still in its infancy in the early 1990’s in the United States. SRP was the first state-of-the-art engineered welded wire plant to be established in this country. After construction was completed, John was hired to manage the engineering and sales departments for SRP, which quickly established itself as the industry authority.

Building on his success, John left the manufacturing sector in 1998 to establish a Northeast distributorship of bar mats and accessories. After founding Ortiz Engineered Products (OEP), he introduced contractors to the advantages of bar mats, extending their use into a broader range of construction applications. Increased demand led to operational expansion of OEP’s design team in order to serve an expanding base of clients and projects across the United States.

As one of the pioneers of the bar mat industry in the United States, John acknowledges the history, “We’re still working with the same group of contractors that we started with in the 1990’s. Once a customer sees just how well our system works, they are likely to continue working with us. We have been fortunate to have enjoyed extraordinary repeat business and have been consistently adding to our customer list over the years.”

Blaine Rampulla, VP, Engineering

A graduate of Lehigh University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering, Blaine began his career as a design engineer at Structural Reinforcement Products Inc. (SRP), the first bar mat plant in the United States. During his tenure, he took advantage of extensive growth opportunities in his field of expertise and expanded his involvement to include business development. He was eventually promoted to head of the Engineering Department at SRP.

Blaine’s career progression continued when he accepted a position with Ortiz Engineered Products (OEP) in 2002, making the move from manufacturing to distribution. His expertise in sales and engineering have enhanced OEP’s depth of knowledge in the field of bar mat design. Blaine is currently Vice President of Engineering, overseeing estimating and engineering for Ortiz Engineered Products.

Ken Dixon, Senior Project Engineer

Ken graduated from The University of Wyoming with a B.S. in Architectural Engineering. He began his career as a design engineer at Structural Reinforcement Products Inc. (SRP), and was a project engineer at a precast concrete manufacturer for over six years. Ken accepted a position with Ortiz Engineered Products (OEP) in 2008.

As a Senior Project Engineer with OEP, Ken has an impeccable ability to look at project details while keeping the project whole in sight during the design process.

Paula Leitner, Office Manager

At the center of all OEP’s office functions since 2009 is Paula Leitner. On a daily basis, Paula adeptly manages the office while serving as the central point of communication for the staff and senior leadership team.

Renee J. Baran, M.Ed. Director of Marketing

A graduate of Elizabethtown College, Renee has a B.A. in Communications/Public Relations and a Master’s in Higher and Postsecondary Education. Her experience ranges from product sales to professional keynotes, workshops and presentations in the field of higher education.

Renee joined the company in 2013 to spearhead the marketing effort. Currently, Renee is the voice behind Ortiz Engineered Products’ growing social media presence.

Susan Driscoll, Project Engineer

Sue is a graduate of Lehigh University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. She began her engineering career in the manufacturing sector, designing fire truck cabs and bodies, as well as metal closures. Sue began a home drafting business and garnered clients such as General Electric Corp. and F.L. Smidth.

As the newest member of the Ortiz Engineered Products team, Sue brings an excellent eye for detail to the collective skill set.

Tom Plowright, PE, Regional Sales Engineer

A proud graduate of Virginia Military Institute and a Registered Professional Engineer in PA, Tom’s career includes experience as a project manager, project engineer, resident engineer, and senior sales engineer. Firmly rooted in the manufacturing industry, Tom began accruing technical sales experience back in 1996.

Tom has been utilizing his unique combination of engineering acumen and salesmanship as Regional Sales Engineer for Ortiz Engineered Products since 2011.

Expertise. Ingenuity. Experience. Invention.

Ortiz Engineered Products (OEP) is home to one of the finest value-engineering teams in the country. Every day, OEP’s collaborative efforts yield creative, cost-effective solutions for a variety of complex construction projects.

OEP is thoughtful and thorough in both planning and implementation; attention to detail is matched only by an ability to pull back, as needed, and assess the bigger picture.

OEP’s proven engineering solutions can be found in military installations, warehouses, marine construction projects, bridge beams and decks, correctional facilities, high-rise buildings, casinos, hotels and parking garages, as well as in commercial and industrial complexes.